Summers is a time to enjoy outdoor activities with your family and friends. I personally like to sit in the sunshine and hear the BBQ sizzle near me. The good afternoon swims in the pool and every backyard activity becomes much more fun in summers. However, one thing which could enhance your experience is music. Good quality music would uplift your mood and help you to relax. One thing which is essential to listen to your favorite music is quality outdoor speakers.

With so many speakers out there and every brand claiming to be the best, choosing one could become a lot difficult. One thing that I am certain of is it doesn’t matter in which speaker you invest you should always get the best value for money. You might find two different speakers in the same price range and they both have the same audio quality. So, how could you make the right choice? The answer to that is very simple the best outdoor speaker is the one with more functionality. Particularly, in this case, you would have to compare their connectivity, battery life, and much more to make the best decision.

You are probably wondering who has the time to compare every speaker. Well, we have done the hard work for you and selected four best outdoor speakers for this summer. Whether you need cheap outdoor speakers or looking for the best quality you find them in this article.

JCB Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker:

JCB Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

I would say that this is one of my favorite speakers in terms of functionality and sound quality. Some key features of this speaker are listed below:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and micro SD card support.
  • Rubber covering to protect from potential bumps.
  • Waterproof.
  • The affordable price of £59.99.
  • Battery backup of 5-6 hours.

I must say theses attractive features of this particular speaker do make it the best. The Bluetooth connectivity and the battery backup of these speakers make them truly wireless. Moreover, the waterproofing allows you to take these speakers with you to a pool party without any worry. The rigid design of the body and out the protective casing does make them the best traveling companion.

Libratone Zipp:

Libratone Zipp

If you are someone who likes to listen to premium quality sound then it is the best option you have. The full room technology of these speakers allows you to enjoy the same sound quality from every position. Some other prominent features include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Work with Alexa.
  • Connects with Spotify and Airplay 2.
  • Impressive battery backup of eight hours.

This speaker does provide you all the modern features you expect from outdoor speakers. However, everything comes at a price and these speakers are not cheap. They would cost you around $300 and if you ask me, the quality of the speaker does justify the price tag makes them the best buy outdoor speakers.

Dr Dre Beats Pill 2.0:

Dr Dre Beats Pill 2.0

There is no one in the world who does not know about the beats. You could say that it is one of the most popular brands of speakers and other audio output devices. This beats Pill 2.0 has pretty basic functionality.

  • They support easy Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 7 hours of battery backup.
  • Built-in mic for calls.

The speaker’s built-in mic is a plus point for most of the users however for some it is just not that practical. The speaker does produce huge sound but the lack of bass in the sound might be a deal-breaker.

Cowin Thunder:

Cowin Thunder

The Cowin thunder is a very unique Bluetooth speaker with a vibrating pad. The vibration pad allows it project music 360 degrees through flat surfaces. You could possibly turn it off and might get the same audio quality. The aluminum casing of the speaker gives it a sturdy design and you get an eight hours backup. For £89.99 I think they are a pretty sweet deal.

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