When you purchase an expensive phone the first thing that comes to mind is to protect it from scratches and cracks. Most people look for the cheapest phone case with good quality which would provide the required protection. However, there are some basic functions which you would get with every phone case in the market are listed below:

  • A firm tight grip on the phone
  • Access to all the ports of the phone
  • Simple design with an appealing look
  • Protection and dust resistance
  • Durability

If you look around in the market you would see a lot of phone case manufacturers. The main difference in the price is based on the quality and features of the phone case. Most people go for a cheap case with an aesthetic appeal while others may prefer a more durable option. Therefore, we would discuss some of the most protected phone cases at an affordable price.

Dual-Layer Phone Cases:

Dual-Layer Phone Cases
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Samsung is a top smartphone manufacturer also produces some quality accessories. Every year you could see several accessories launched by Samsung and all of them are designed according to the demands of the customer. Their dual layer protective case is one of the best and the most reasonably priced phone case. Some salient features of this case are listed below:

  • Shock absorbent features of the case protect your phone from any kind of fall damage
  • The internal layer of the case is made from TPU material which protects the phone from scratches
  • The dual case has a hard-outer shell which covers every side of the phone to provide ultimate protection
  • They have a modern and stylish metallic design
  • The price bracket of £20 to £30 makes them affordable for every one
  • you could find them in a variety of sizes to fit both Samsung and iPhone.

Silicon Resistant Phone Cases:

Silicon Resistant Phone Cases
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These are probably the most renowned phone cases due to their simplicity. So before wasting any more time lets indulge in the befits of the silicon phone case

  • Silicon cases are made from a tough rugged material which makes them impact resistance
  • The texture of the material might be a bit hard and bumpy but they could hold against acute force
  • Due to the tangible button response, these phone cases are best for people who work outdoor
  • You would get access to all the ports of the mobile and they even support wireless charging.
  • The price bracket of £15 to £30 makes them affordable for everyone

Leather Wallet Phone Cases:

Leather Wallet Phone Cases
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Leather wallets are a phone case that is used to replace the big extra wallets you have to carry around. With the flip able feature of the case, you could use it to hold your phone in a landscape position to enjoy watching videos on your phone. Other prominent features of a leather case are:

  • Replaces the need of carrying a big heavy wallet
  • You could keep your credit cards in the case and with the double magnetic closure, all your cash and essentials are safe.
  • The handcrafter leather provides a simple and good exterior look
  • The cardholder has a solid grip
  • Have compatibility with Samsung, iPhone, and Huawei
  • The starting price of £20 is an attractive deal for multipurpose phone cases

Case-Mate Protective Phone Cases:

Case Mate Protective Phone Cases
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Case-Mate is one of the most popular phone case manufacturers. They have very thin and slim body design with a Snap-On feature. Moreover, all their cases are made from bisphenol free material which makes them truly environment friendly. They fulfill the basic purpose of buying a phone case and provide the ultimate protection with a good amount of thickness around the phone edges. You would get a solid grip by holding these cases in your hand and all that at an economical price of £20.


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