Music has become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you want to listen to your favorite singer or just need therapeutic music after a busy day you need good quality speakers. In this modern-day and age, you could find yourself surrounded by a lot of options. However, portable speakers might offer some excellent features. There was a time when these Bluetooth speakers did not produce the quality of sound we were looking for. But now you could find them in various sizes offering quality sound to their listeners. If you are interested to know more about portable speakers for smartphones continue reading ahead.

Smartphones Need Additional Speakers:

bluetooth speakers
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Most of us do not like our smartphone speakers. It doesn’t matter which brand cell phone we use they just don’t offer the best sound quality. The biggest reason is that smartphones are compact devices. They are designed in such a way that they could fit inside your jeans pocket and also perform some important functions of a small computer. This compact design does not leave any room for a quality audio system. So, if you want to enjoy music or any kind of audio on your smartphone you have to buy Bluetooth speakers or a headphone.

Look for Small Speakers:

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If your only purpose of buying a speaker is to use it with your smartphone then always opt for a smaller and lightweight option. So, that you could carry it inside your backpack on even inside your jeans pocket. However, you still need the best sound quality to enjoy the music. If you search Bluetooth speakers online you would find them in a variety of sizes and even find speakers small enough to fit on your hand’s palm.

The small ones would certainly not offer much power but they come in very handy during conversations. With them, you do not need to hold the phone closer to your ears as you would be able to hear more clearly without putting any strain on your ears. However, you should know such small speakers are only suitable for individual use.

Features to Expect:

Well, the biggest and the most prominent feature of Bluetooth speakers is wireless connectivity. However, you could find some additional features and options with different speakers. Some features that you should look out when shopping for a speaker for your smartphone are listed below:

  • An integrated battery that has a minimum life span of ten hours so that you could enjoy it without any interruption. You would be surprised to find out that there are speakers who have a backup of 2 days.
  • Large range of connectivity between source and the sink device. Mostly the range is about 10 meters.
  • An automatic feature of muting music streaming when you receive a call on your cell phone.
  • Inbuilt microphone so that you could use your speaker as a speakerphone. This is a very handy feature especially when you are driving a car.

These were some basic features to expect from most of thespeakers. However, there is a possibility of more additional features in a single speaker which would make using them much more fun.

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Advanced Features:

There are numerous additional features in portable speakers but the two most prominent features party mode and stereo connect could enhance their connectivity.

  • Party mode allows you to connect two smartphones at a time with one speaker. However, the speaker would only play audio from a single source. But this allows you and your friends to make custom playlists of songs during a party.
  • The stereo feature found in Bluetooth speakers allows us to interlink two speakers making a wireless stereo pair.
  • Another advanced feature you should look for is NFC. Near Field Communication is an interesting technology that allows both the sink and the source to connect by simply holding them close to each other.   

How to Select the Best?

Selecting the best Bluetooth speakers is not easy and you might end up wasting your money on a very bad product. So, follow the points mention below to make the right selection.

  • Ask yourself why you need a speaker? What are your expectations? And what sound quality you need?
  • Once you have answered all those questions you would have a clear-cut idea about the size of the speaker you need.
  • Then you need to focus on the features of thesespeakers. There might be an additional feature of NFC which your smartphone doesn’t support so stay away from these flashy features.
  • If you like to spend some time in the open air listening to music then you would certainly need outdoor speakers. Your portable speaker could do that job you just need to make sure it produces the right quality of audio for listening outside.

Teufel Speakers:

Teufel Speakers

Teufel is a very prominent Bluetooth speaker manufacturing company that offers a wide range of products to the customers. All their speakers for smartphones are small enough to fit inside a bag and still carry enough firepower to boost the audio of your phone. Choosing one from their range of speakers is entirely dependent upon your size, power, and design preferences. Some common speakers of Teufel are listed below:

  • BAMSTER: A portable speaker that is small enough to fit inside your backpack and powerful enough to fill your room with quality sound. It has a wheel volume control with it so that you could easily adjust the level of the sound without reaching out to your smartphone.
  • BAMSTER PRO: this is the next level of BAMSTER which has an individual charging cradle and enhanced bass playback.
  • ROCKSTAR XS: This speaker was designed to fit on the palm of your hand. However, the passive base radiator allows it to produce impressive sound. Moreover, it is splash-proof which makes it perfectly safe for outdoor use.
  • BAMSTER XS: this is the best speaker if you are looking for something that fits inside your jeans pocket and it provides quality sound then your smartphone audio system.

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