Laptops are popular among its user due to their portability. Every laptop you see is different from the other in terms of performance and function ability. However, one thing that is common among every laptop is the speakers to provide a good user experience. But we often find ourselves in a bit of pickle with these bullet-in speakers. You would see people complaining about their laptop speakers not working properly. Therefore, today we would discuss some important solutions related to this particular problem.

Common Problems:

Common Problems

Laptop speakers can be very annoying and sometimes you might just give up on them. Some common problems reported by the users are listed below.

  • The common issue that occurs with speakers is that laptop speakers external do not work but headphones remain functional. Mostly this issue occurs due to the improper configuration. If you open your laptop settings you would see the default audio device are not the built-in speakers. 
  • Not getting any kind of audio output from the laptop. When you face such issues, the problem is generally solved by reinstalling the audio drivers.
  • Laptop shows speakers as a playback device but they are not recognized by the system. The main reason for this particular issue is that you do not have the proper drivers or maybe your speakers are disabled.

There can be a lot of problems with your laptops’ audio system. However, mostly these problems are software related and computer hardware is perfectly fine. Therefore, I have gathered some effective solutions to fix these problems. I would recommend you read this article if your laptop speakers not working before making any visit to a computer repair shop.

Reinstalling Drivers:

The most common problem with the speakers is the issue with the drivers. The drivers might get corrupted and result in a speaker’s failure. So, what you need to do is just reinstall all the audio drivers of your laptop. It is a fairly simple process and by following some basic steps given below you could easily reinstall them.

Reinstalling Drivers
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Step 1– the first step is to press the Windows key and then press the X Letter key on your laptop. Once you do that a dialogue box would appear on the bottom left corner of your screen, click on device manager.

Step 2– once you have accessed the device manager look for the audio driver on the list. Then by right-clicking on the audio driver you would see a menu with the feature to uninstall the device.

Step 3– if that option is available then click the uninstall button to remove the existing driver from the device.

Step 4– once you have successfully uninstalled the driver click the scan for hardware changes icon to install the default driver of your laptop.

Following these simple four steps would possibly solve the problem for you. However, if the problem remains persistent, I would recommend you try other solutions listed below.

Updating audio drivers:

Updating audio drivers
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Another simple solution to fix your laptop speaker not working problems is to update the audio drivers of your laptop. Sometimes the users face this issue due to the outdated drivers on their device. A simple update of the drivers would solve all your problems. Follow the four simple steps given below to resolve this issue without going to any computer repair shop.

  • Visit the official website of your laptop manufacturer to download the right drivers. Every brand has different drivers therefore you have to find the authentic manufacturer website.
  • Once you are on the website you have to find the drivers section and then look for the driver for your laptop model.
  • If you have located the right drivers then download the latest version. Mostly these downloads are free so don’t worry you won’t spend a dime.
  • Once you have the downloaded file open it to run the setup and to install them on your device.

It was just that simple to update the audio drivers of your laptop. There is no need to spend dollars in a computer repair shop when you can do it yourself.

Modifying Registry:

Modifying Registry
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Mostly Asus laptop users complain about laptop speakers not working. As these devices use Realtek drivers this is very common with them. You need to make a couple of changes in your laptop’s registry to solve the problem.

Note: How do I open and edit the Windows registry?

Mostly Asus users fix their problem through this procedure. You might be wondering that your device does not have Realtek audio so this not for you. However, I would recommend you do this as you never know what works for you.

Step 1– hold the window key of the laptop and press R, then enter Regedit.

Step 2– once you have accessed the registry editor you have to navigate to the following key:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMMDevicesAudioRender

Step 3– right-click on the render in the left plan. Then choose permissions from the menu.

Step 4– Now you have to select the Users from the list of accounts. The check on Full Control in the allows column.

Step 5– Click Apply and OK to save changes.

Audio Sensor:

Audio Sensor
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Another way to solve your laptop speakers not working problem is to check your audio sensors working. Every laptop has audio jacks and sometimes their sensors issue could stop the working of speakers. All audio jacks have their sensors that are responsible to turn off speakers whenever a headphone is connected. However, sometimes these sensors could malfunction and your PC acts like its connected with headphones. This automatically shuts down the speakers of the laptop without any real problem. According to some users, you could solve this problem by simply connecting and disconnecting an audio device with your laptop. What this does is that it unstuck the locked sensors of your device. You could use other devices to unstuck the sensors such as toothpicks or earbuds but an audio jack always works the best.  

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