Every person has its preference and choice of music. But you cannot deny the fact that music has become an important part of our lives. I do not know about you but I could not work without listening to my favorite music in the background. You could find a variety of speakers around you with different features and connectivity options. However, the most popular speakers these days are Bluetooth speakers.

What’s the Difference?

A conventional speaker needs cables to connect with the source of the music. They often need an electricity source to operate. However, a Bluetooth speaker connects with your mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity. So, there are no wires involved to play music on them. Moreover, their compact sizes make them very convenient for use and to travel with.

conventional speaker

Some people believe that they are still an awkward product to use in public. What they do not know is that people use their smartphone speakers to listen to music all the time so there is no problem with a handy speaker. You would see people complaining that these wireless speakers do not produce the same quality of sound. But the advancement in technology has truly benefited us and now you could find a speaker that fits on the palm of your hand and produce some quality audio.

Different from Wi-Fi Speakers:

You might have an idea about the wi-fi based audio systems that are installed in houses. But the Bluetooth ones are very different from them. The best Bluetooth speakers are one you could carry around with you. They are portable and they are not installed permanently or semi-permanently at a location.

Wi-Fi Speakers

Secondly, the Bluetooth speakers can be directly linked with the source and do not require other mediums as Wi-fi network fo0r connectivity. However, you need to keep the source and sink within a range of 30 meters of each other.


In this modern-day and age, these portable speakers have a lot of advantages. They have taken over the world and now listening to music is much easier. However, some of the benefits are listed below for your understanding:

best bluetooth speakers
  • Portable– The primary purpose of buying a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity is its portability. The compatible size and the exemptions of wires allow you to take these speakers to every social gathering which requires a little music. Whether you are having a barbeque with friends or playing some indoor games they would provide you quality music. There smaller sizes make it easy to carry around. If you look for Bluetooth speakers online you will find several sizes and shapes. You could even find a speaker that perfectly fit inside your jeans pocket.
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  • Best for Outdoor Use– There is a time when you are in a dire need of speakers in an open atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if it is a poolside party or a hiking trip with your friends you need music to enjoy every moment of your time. Therefore, Bluetooth connectivity and portability makes them the best outdoor speakers. You would not need an electricity connection as they are mostly powered by batteries. Unlike the Wi-Fi speakers, the need of having an internet connection is not there anymore.
  • Weather Resistance– it is very common among every household to cause water damage to electrical appliances. Moreover, you might carry speakers to a pool party or have it on you during a rainy season. So, there is nothing to worry about you just need to make sure that you buy Bluetooth speakers which are waterproof. Mostly every speaker has this feature but making sure would save you from a loss of investment.
  • Low Power Consumption– The next most impressive feature of Bluetooth speakers is that they consume very little energy. They are highly energy-efficient despite the good sound quality and wireless connection support. A good rechargeable battery could provide you an audio backup up to ten to twelve hours in a single charge.
  • No Installation– It is a very hectic job to set up an audio system. There are a lot of wires that you need to plugin to operate the traditional speaker setup. But with portable speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, you do not need further installation. They are plug and play devices that do not need human intervention or other mediums to connect with the source device.
  • Powerful Sound– You might find it hard to believe but modern speakers might look very small but they can produce a good level of sound. If you do not want them to fit inside a backpack then you might be able to find a big speaker with such a huge base to rock a party.
  • Affordable Prices– you could find portable speakers in the various price range. They may be as low as 20 dollars but for quality, you have to spend a little extra.

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