In recent years, mobile phones have stopped being phones to become pocket computers where we can do almost everything. One of the most used functions is undoubtedly the camera.

How to Choose a Good Camera

I will not deny that it is very comfortable to carry the camera in your pocket and that you can use it to take selfies with your friends or make video conferences, but from there to quality photography there is a great distance.

It’s funny how in the world of photography we have sacrificed quality for the practical and immediate. I think you can continue to make high-quality photos with a good Best Cheap Full Frame Camera and of course not give up using the Smartphone to make those photos with friends while we are in reeds and upload them immediately to social networks.

There are two ways of understanding photography that can be compatible, so I will tell you the reasons why you should have a good camera and of course, use it regularly.

The Quality

The main reason is quality. A Smartphone does not offer the quality and of course the multiple functions that a camera has. A good photograph is much more than a large number of megapixels and of course, today, with a camera you will obtain images with much more quality in textures and colors thanks to its sensor and the different lenses that you can use.

Night Photos

With a phone you will never be able to take the photos you will take with a camera when the light conditions are not the best. The grain and the lack of sharpness is something that with a good camera you will be able to eliminate.

Interchangeable Lenses

The cameras give a wonderfully creative game thanks to the multiple options that you will have being able to use wide-angle when taking landscape photography, an objective TV to capture all the details no matter how far away they are or a fixed lens to make portraits with unfocused backgrounds, and also have a great luminosity.

The Edition

With a camera, you can shoot in RAW. The format that allows you to edit photos with programs such as Lightroom or Camera Raw and to correct and change exposure, lights or move shades of colors. It is the laboratory of digital photography and of course an essential tool to give the final finish to your photos.

The zoom

In a camera the zoom is not digital, it is real, which will always be much more quality as you are getting closer and not increasing as the phone does.

More durable

The photos with the phone end up being lost. You make them, but then you don’t see them, there they stay with the thousands of photos you have saved. The importance we give to photos taken with the camera is not given, why? Because they are worse.


You no longer have to wait to get home to be able to share your photos taken with the camera on social networks. You can upload them from the camera itself if you have a 3G connection and if there are no memory cards that send them directly to your phone so you can share them from there.

The creativity

Opening, speed, exposure, depth … These are concepts that with a phone you will never be able to handle and with a camera.

You can focus and blur backgrounds, give portraits more sharpness, or in conditions where there is too much or too little light, you can “play” with all these functions so that the photo you want comes out, not the one that the camera thinks is the best.

In short, it is great to have smarter phones every day with better cameras, both photos, and videos, but they can never replace or surpass a camera.

The weight or the large size is not an excuse either since the professional cameras are becoming smaller, even the compact or semi-compact ones have a high quality, at the height of conventional SLRs.

From here I invite you to take out your camera again. Nothing to keep it in a drawer. Take it out whenever you can. And those photos share them, print them and keep them forever in your album of great moments. Photography is art. It is great therapy, very satisfactory.


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