There are several types of changes you have noticed in the field of photography. There are several types and models of photography cameras are available n the market which you can get selected as per your desire and need. Different types of camera lenses you will see in the market which is also producing the best factors while clicking any shot. A majority of people do not have any type of knowledge about the ancestors of cameras which we are using these days. It is an obvious factor that modern technology has filled unique colors of attraction all over the world. It has improved all those things we use personally. The same thing you will see in the world of photography. Camera Obscura is the first camera type that was used in the early 17th and 18th centuries. Camera Obscura means a dark room in Latin. No doubt, it was quite attractive and amazing as well in features.

history of photography camera obscura
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Camera obscura was free from any type of machinery Artists used to project an image or scene on the paper to produce an attractive image. The thing was done with projection image and no doubt, it was a great idea towards photography.

As we all agree on the statement that in the olden days it was quite difficult to manage things as we can these days. Through utilizing limited resources, everything can be managed in a better way to provide a unique shape to the item. If you look into camera obscura history, you will see a lot more impressive things that people love to see this magic. Well, it was quite similar to the magic in these days because that type of invention was really amazing and unique. Here we will let you know how to make camera obscura at your home through a DIY method.

history of photography Camera obscura
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A DIY method to make Camera Obscura at home:

  1. Flap the one side of the box and you have to turn it down to use a duct tape on it. The taped side of the box will be the bottom side of the camera obscura. For this purpose you can use a shoe box as well.
  2. Place the template A on the top of the one side of the box. Trace out the inside of the window of the created template to create 1 ½ square respectively.
  3. With knife, you need to cut down the 1 ½ square that will create an opening. Now, place the magnifying glass on the opening side and also tape it to the box. Here, you need to cover up the lens from all sides by using duct tape.
  4. Utilize template again and place it on the top of the side respectively. Make sure to place it on opposite side of the box.
  5. Cut the outer square with the knife. Draw it with the help of pencil you should have the cardboard square that should be 6 7/8 inches respectively. And reinforce the sides of the box with the duct tape.
  6. Place template B on the surface of the cardboard. Trace out the 5” square with the help of the pencil.
  7. Use knife to cut the 5” square and you need a 5” square cardboard with you by all means.
  8. Take 6” vellum and center it on the top of the cardboard. Tape it around the framed box with the help of masking tape.
  9. Place the framed vellum with in the box and place the face of the lens facing away. Bring the camera obscura and the image will display on the vellum.
  10. Use pencil to mark the vellum for the placement. Make sure to mark the points close to the top of the edge.
  11. Cut down the flaps on both sides with scissor.

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