CCTV cameras are considered the best option for security purposes. However, history has shown us that they are vulnerable to malicious attacks. Although the manufacturers have made a lot of progress to improve the security protocols but hackers do gain access to video surveillance systems.

If you search on the internet on how to hack a CCTV camera you could find very simple methods and very sophisticated methods to bypass these security systems. Once a hacker has accessed your security system they could tap into the live field of the cameras and potentially take control of them. The whole purpose of installing the best CCTV camera is defeated by these vulnerabilities.

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Hikvision Wi-Fi Cameras:

Hikvision Wi-Fi Cameras
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Most people felt a lot safer with these CCTV cameras. But the incident in 2017 where more than half a dozen Wi-Fi cameras of Hikvision company were accessed through a backdoor password reset flaw gave a wakeup call. The incident raised a lot of questions and even the U.S. Department of Homeland security characterized them as remotely exploitable. Most companies after this incident started working on the cybersecurity of the cameras. But still, if you search how to hack CCTV camera three hacking methods are very commonly used by criminals to access CCTV cameras.

Default Password Access:

Every best CCTV camera for home is now wireless and always connected with Wi-Fi. Anyone who is looking to break into your security system simply looks up for the IP address of the camera. Search engines such as or could provide that valuable information. Then by trying different passwords the attacker could gain access to your security system.

According to IT experts, the IP security protocols should protect the network data with a unique password and user ID. However, mostly these passwords and usernames are identical to the default factory settings. During the Hikvision hack, the password was “12345” with the user name “admin”.

You could imagine that overlooking such a simple detail of not updating your default passwords could lead to a potential security breach. Every best CCTV camera in the world with a firewall and hardened network protocols could easily be hacked with a factory set password and log in. So, to protect yourself from such cyber-attacks the first thing you need to do is update all those passwords and keep them safe with you.

Find User ID:

Sometimes the default passwords do not work and the security protocols could become a bit difficult. When this happens, the malicious attackers start to look for the user ID. In Hikvision case the user ID was obtained from the cookie value. The hackers could resent all the passwords to gain full access to the security system. They could even lock out the users from the system to take full control of the hard drives of the system. Mostly user-id is a hashed key but hackers could find it with simple information of email, phone, and username used while registering the security system.

Finding Command Lines:

There was a key flaw in the Hikvision case, they left a backdoor command line of code in their system to grant admin-level access to the system. Once the Chinese company realized that backdoor flaw, they released an update. Moreover, they publicly made a statement that the code was left there due to the negligence of the developers. As they forgot to remove it after the testing phase was over.

Despite the public statements and forced updates still, some people never bothered to update their firmware. This means that loophole in security protocols still exists and even a novice hacker could take its advantage.  


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