As we all agree that we are living in a world where everything has advanced as per the requirement and need. The world of photography has advanced a lot in which multiple types of features have added brilliantly. People are adopting this field as their profession and you can also adopt this profession to click amazing pictures. There are several types of camera lenses available in the market which can add unique features of attraction in pictures. You can better zoom objects as per your requirement and need.

make a pinhole camera
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We have heard about many types of cameras with multiple features. Today, we will let you know about a pinhole camera that you can easily make at your home as well. It is not like blogging cameras or professional cameras. In the olden days, the same solution was at its top of the line because it also produces the best factors in front of you by all means. Here is another interesting fact for you to know that you can make a pinhole camera with the help of a shoebox. Isn’t it amazing? Before discussing the DIY method of the pinhole camera, you need to know about the Pinhole camera in detail.

History of Pinhole Camera:

the pinhole camera
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The word camera comes from Camera Obscura which means “dark chamber”. The pinhole camera is the simplest example of it because it was made with a lightproof box, photographic papers and a small hole in the box. Technically, you can make any type and size of the box a pinhole camera even your bedroom as well. If you really want to get the real-time effects from the pinhole camera, you need to get selected the perfect size of the box in which a photo paper can easily adjust.

It is just like an aperture and it is not like a true lens. It is also small in size and it will focus the image on the opposite side respectively. You don’t need to develop the image as we need in other types of cameras. In simple wording you will get the projected image from a pinhole camera and the placed photograph will be in front of your eye. In the olden days, the respective solution was quite common and people use to made pinhole cameras in their homes respectively.

Here we will give you instructions on how to make a pinhole camera at your home and it will be an amazing thing for you to know about.

How to make a pinhole camera?

In the whole process, we need the following things that will help you out to make a pinhole camera respectively. It will also provide you the best knowledge on how to make a pinhole camera with a shoebox

diagram of pinhole camera
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  1. A lightproof box (shoebox is the perfect option)
  2. Black Paper
  3. A black marker
  4. Black Tape
  5. Aluminum Can
  6. Push Pin
  7. Glue
  8. Scissor
  9. Paper Cutter
  10. Ruler
  11. A sharp Knife
  12. Photographic Paper
  13. A red Safelight
  14. Photo Developer
  15. Photo Stop Bath Solution

Make sure to get a range of these things to make your own pinhole camera at home.

Step 1: Make a Lightproof box

First of all, you need to manage a lightproof show box for making a pinhole camera. Make sure it should be completely lightproof and any type of light source may not enter the box as well. If you won’t care about it, it will ruin your photo completely. You need to measure the whole area of the show box with the help of the ruler. Cut down the black paper according to the dimensions and paste it inside the shoebox completely with the help of glue. With the help of markers, corner sides of the box should be colored with the help of it to create a dark theme by all means.

Step 2: Create a pinhole

With the help of the ruler again, you need to create an X in the box and place aluminum can in the center of the box. It will be the same place where you want to create the pinhole respectively. Cut down the soda can with 1 x 1-inch piece. After completing the process, with the help of the knife, you need to cut out the piece of the box on which you have drawn an outline. By doing so, the light will pass through the dark box completely.

Step 3: Making the shutter

Tape the aluminum so that it can easily get cover the hole which you have cut with a knife in the box. If you want to make the camera’s aperture, you need a black tape and make sure it should be long enough that can easily cover the pinhole.

Step 4: Using your Pinhole Camera

Your camera is ready to use and test it in the house by using some photographic papers. You need to apply this solution in the darkroom by cutting down the photographic paper so you can place it inside the box respectively. Before applying the whole process, you need to make sure that the box has fully closed and lightproof by all means.

To begin the exposure, you need to by peeling back the black tape. If you have selected a bright day for shooting, you need around 30 seconds and it will also depend on the size of the pinhole respectively. Once 30 seconds will get over, close the shutter by using sticking the tape. Leave the photographic paper in the box until you can get the dark environment in the box.


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