There are a lot of different camera parts that are joined up to make a camera. Some parts can be bought afterwards and then put onto the camera to increase the camera performance. As time is passing the cameras are getting more and more powerful. Now building a camera is very complex and difficult as there are more camera parts being used. If you buy different camera parts and then try to build it by yourself rather than buying a working camera, it will be a lot more expensive because the camera parts are more expensive than the camera itself. It said that if you want to master a skill you need to know how it is being done. You need to know the tiny details that complete the whole process in order to take full control of the camera. Although modern cameras have a built -n auto mode which changes the settings according to the scenario. 

Still, expert photographers tend to change the settings accordingly with their taste.

Here are the basic yet important parts of camera that make up the camera. The parts of a video camera are somewhat same to:


The viewfinder is considered to be the most important part of the camera that lets you frame the object. It is in a rectangular shape and present at the back of the camera that lets you frame the object. Today many viewfinders are replaced by full LCD screens. Which are capable of showing ISO, Aperture and shutter speed during and before taking a picture.


It is a mirror placed at 45 degrees behind the camera lens. The mirror reflects light from the lens to the Viewfinder. Before Pentaprisms were introduced the cameraman had to look down before taking a picture which would automatically restrict the cameraman to take photos at the hip level.

Focusing screens:

It is a glass surface on which the camera mirror projects image. The focusing screen is the camera part which helps in achieving focus effects such as bokeh, blur, and high contrast shots.

Condenser Lens:

This camera part is made up of two same convex lenses. Condenser lenses are sued for color correction and aberration which is caused by traditional lenses.

Digital sensor:

This camera part is one of the most delicate camera parts in the camera. The digital sensor captures light and then creates an image. Modern cameras are equipped with a CMOS(complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor and CCD(charged -couple device).


This camera part is made up of metal or plastic and controls the amount of light that reaches the camera. How long the shutter stays open determines how the exposure will be. You can enable it by using the shutter button and adjust it accordingly with your desired settings.


This is the display screen which shows everything. All the different camera settings can be seen and are available on the display screen. Nearly every camera lets you see and view the image before capturing it. This is only available because of the display screen. This helps the photographer in capturing consistent shots.


The cameras components are divided into three different categories: UI (User interference components), PCC (picture capture components), and CC (camera controller). The CC manages all the electronic components of the camera. PCC helps in capturing photos. While the UI helps the user in controlling the camera.

Autofocus System:

The digital cameras that are available right now have a great advantage over old traditional cameras that is their ability to capture and focus objects automatically and way faster than before. There is a camera sensor that sends information to the camera lens to adjust its focusing element in order to capture sharp and clear photos.


It is the opening in the camera lens through which the light passes. This opening will shrink or increase in size depending on how much light you want in your exposure. The aperture also helps in blurring the background.

Zoom Elements:

If you’re a new newbie in the camera industry and just bought a new camera. Then you probably would have bought a zoom lens. This allows you to zoom in and out, like from wide to telephoto.


Last but not least the battery is a very important part of the camera. None of the camera parts mentioned above will work if not provided with power. And a long-lasting battery is important as well. If you have a long-lasting battery you can take more photos and every important moment will be captured by the camera. Even if you haven’t charged in a while. Still, you won’t miss a single important moment.


I have provided all the information regarding all the important camera parts out there. Now you can not only see how important the mentioned camera part is but also get an overview of how it works. The camera cannot function properly if a single component mentioned above is not available.


I am Yousaf Choudhary, a US-based writer trying my best to give the most authentic information to my readers. Being a tech enthusiast, I have a keen interest in drones & drones photography, cameras, smartphones, and other gadgets launched in the market. During my career of ten years, I have seen that people do not get the right information about new technology. They either waste their money on inferior products or end up buying something they regret in the future. So, I took it as my responsibility to tell you more about life-changing revolutionary products.

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