Whenever we talk about improving the security of our house the first thing that comes to our minds is installing a CCTV camera system. Where they are considered the best way to secure yourself from a potential crime at the same time people are against it. So, it would be not wrong to say that theCCTV camera has divided opinions among people. You could see a lot of articles proclaiming that these cameras are unnecessary. At the same time, some articles tell us that these cameras are the best for security. Therefore, I would discuss some pros and cons related to CCTV to settle down this debate.

  • Minimizes the risk of a crime by 51%.
  • Cheaper security option which makes them cost-effective.
  • Provides a feeling of protection and safety.
  • Does not stop the actual crime from happening.
  • Sometimes installation cost could be expensive.
  • It can violate the privacy rights of the people.

Well, these were the most common pros and cons related to CCTV cameras. But reading them just like that would not give you the complete picture. Therefore, we are going to discuss each of them in complete detail. So, that when you are looking for the best CCTV camera for home you could make the right decision.

Reduces Crime:

Stop Crime

No one is denying the fact that installing CCTV reduces the crime rate when they are used effectively. Moreover, if you have the best CCTV camera the criminals would attempt a crime at your place. The reason is very simple the cameras are a great way to identify the criminals. Hence, it reduces their chances of getting away with the crime. Therefore, seeing a camera installed at your house would make them think twice. According to some law enforcement reports CCTV reduces the risk of crime up to 51%.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Cost Effective

You might think that installing a complete CCTV security system would cost you a lot. You are right to think that the CCTV camera is a bit expensive and installing a complete system might cost you a lot. However, if you see the big picture it would reduce the criminal damage and you not have to pay for any break-ins. Moreover, many property insurance companies would offer a cheaper policy if your house and business have CCTV. Therefore, if we consider all these parameters this might be the most cost-effective solution.

People Feel Safer:

The biggest advantage of these security systems is that it promotes a feeling of security, especially at night. CCTV footage is the most important piece of evidence for the police to identify criminals. Moreover, if you are running a business your employees feel a lot safer with them. The sign saying that this place is protected with CCTV is enough to stop people to try anything illegal. Modern cameras are technologically more advance, you could monitor your property even if you are away from your home. As they give you remote access to the security footage your holidays become more fun.


I would not consider them disadvantage but they are surely something you need to consider before investing in CCTV.

Doesn’t Stop Crime:

It does not matter how good your security system is the person who is determined to do the crime would not be bothered by it. The reason for that is very simple the CCTV doesn’t stop the crime in action. Yes, it reduces the possibility of a crime but it won’t do anything when the crime is being committed. However, the footage could be the biggest source to catch the criminals but all of that would be done after you suffered the loss.

CCTV Is Expensive:


Cheap cameras are easy to break and they have a very poor quality of the footage. There is no point in installing a CCTV camera that could be hacked or provides a bad quality image. That would not help you to identify the criminals after a crime. Therefore, you have to invest in the best equipment and let me tell you it’s not cheap. Moreover, the installation of the cameras would cost you a lot. But the question is it all worth it? According to me yes, it is all worth it there is no point in investing in something which does not fulfill its purpose. Moreover, it would reduce the ground security staff.

Might Violate Someone’s Privacy:


The use of CCTV has become much more common and most people are fine with it. However, if you do not install them wisely in your home you might violate your neighbor’s privacy. This could create a lot of problems for you. Moreover, if you are using these cameras for the security of your staff and business you have to declare that you are recording the public.

I hope that after reading this article you would be able to make the right decision for your security.


I am Yousaf Choudhary, a US-based writer trying my best to give the most authentic information to my readers. Being a tech enthusiast, I have a keen interest in drones & drones photography, cameras, smartphones, and other gadgets launched in the market. During my career of ten years, I have seen that people do not get the right information about new technology. They either waste their money on inferior products or end up buying something they regret in the future. So, I took it as my responsibility to tell you more about life-changing revolutionary products.

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