Food tech manufacturing companies and entrepreneurs are trying to create smart kitchen appliances to help people get dinner on the table. But the question is it going to help us or not? companies have been searching for an answer to this question for a long time. First, they tried to add internet, WIFI, and Bluetooth connectivity to the home appliances. So, it would be easier for you to control these devices when you are away. For example, if you are away from your home you could preheat your Owen so that your meal is ready when you reach home.

Kitchen Tech Startups:

When new startups entered the kitchen industry, they mainly focused on providing smart cooking platforms. These platforms would help you to find a particular recipe and even guide you step by step. Moreover, they incorporated technology to adjust the cooking temperature and timers. Now most of the smart kitchen tech manufacturers are focusing on gadgets that could handle the heavy lifting of the cooking. From induction cooktops controlled with mobile applications to the smart countertop ovens with cameras and temperature sensors is their priority.


Every new smart kitchen product is now more focused on consistency and precision to produce food with the same taste every time. Companies are advertising their products in such a manner that by using their products you would be able to achieve the same taste of food every time you cook a specific dish. This ensures that you never eat an undercooked pasta or have chewy chicken for dinner. The advancements are trying to make cooking food more fun and to expand the skills of the cook. However, we are still a long way from seeing kitchen evolution. Three major reasons behind it are discussed ahead in the article.


The smart kitchen appliance is relatively new in the market and they are very expensive. Being new in the market costumers certainly do not have any trust in their functionality which makes them skeptical about investing in these gadgets. Moreover, a smart countertop would cost you more than $500. The price of the appliances with internet connectivity could go way up in four digits. These highly-priced smart kitchen appliances surely raise the cost of a single meal.

You could buy some affordable connected products for your kitchens such as immersion circulators or small speakers that are very helpful in the kitchen. But all the innovative appliances are certainly above a normal person’s budget. Every new technology is often very expensive but with the time you could see a gradual decrease in their price. So, keep your eyes open you don’t know when these smart appliances are inside your budget.


You could observe that most of the innovation is happening with the kitchen countertop appliances. Mostly these appliances are much more affordable than the large smart appliances. But there is a limitation of space on a kitchen countertop. You would eventually run out space and to accommodate any new appliance you have to get rid of some gadgets on your countertop. To fit these smart gadgets in a normal kitchen the manufacturers need to work on multipurpose universal devices. These devices should be able to perform a variety of tasks so that you don’t need several gadgets on your kitchen counter.


We could see a lot of smart appliances taking pride in making you a better chef. Whether they are showing you video tutorials or teaching you the right way to steer a stew. They have connected their products with different recipe platforms to give you the ultimate experience of a five-star hotel meal. However, they do not understand these recipes, and perfect meals are only preferred on weekends. For our daily needs you need quick recopies that are easy and comforting. Every manufacturer assumes that a certain collection of recipes is enough for everyone. But there are a lot of different cultures and numerous cousins around the world. This limits the practicality of these smart appliances and hence a normal buyer is never inclined to buy them.

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