Choosing a kettle is not always easy. Between power, capacity without forgetting the different functionalities, difficult to navigate. To help you, follow these tips.

A kitchen essential
The kettles are for tea and infusion lovers what coffee machines are for fans of mocha, espresso or cappuccino. If the kettle is often associated with this drink, it will also serve you in all situations where you will need hot water. Practical, it allows you to boil or simply heat the water quickly. Easy to use, this device requires no fire or pan. Just plug it in. The water heats up in just a few minutes. The key is to know how to choose your kettle.

Wired or wireless kettle
From the telephone to the vacuum cleaners, most of the electrical appliances useful at home and in the kitchen are available for the most part in two versions: wired or wireless. The kettle is no exception to the rule. To choose your electric kettle, you can make a first selection between these two types of devices. The wired kettle incorporates a supply wire into its structure. The wireless electric kettle consists of two units. The first is a detachable container, the second is a base connected to an electrical outlet that acts as a heat source. Best advanced electric kettle

Choice of power and capacity
For many, choosing a kettle is also going towards saving energy. Indeed, since water heats / boils quickly with this device, energy consumption is reduced. This consumption is also dependent on the power of the kettle. We also know that the device largely takes its performance from this power, which is why this parameter remains an essential selection criterion. Overall, whatever the make and model, this power ranges from 1,200 to 2,000 Watts. Regarding capacity, the choice will mainly depend on the number of users at home. You will find models from 0.5 to 1.7 liters on average.

Which functionalities in priority?
Ultra-efficient, electric kettles incorporate several features relating to the performance and / or safety of the appliance. Before choosing your kettle , you should ask yourself questions about your needs and stick to the purchase of the appliance. The best is still to opt for a model combining several features, such as automatic shutdown when the water boils or temperature maintenance. This last feature often incorporates several temperature choices. On the market, you will also find models with an anti-scale filter. Very popular, these devices remove lime and at the same time filter any particles of tartar.

Ease of maintenance
Maintenance is also an important criterion in choosing a kettle. Limestone is your main enemy. By accumulating, it compromises the quality of the water and forces the resistance to increase its efforts tenfold, which increases energy consumption … while shortening the life of the device. To choose an easy-to-maintain Tefal kettle, consider the following.

Any electric kettle is generally equipped with an anti-scale filter, which guarantees the purity of the water. However, for better cleaning, it is better for the latter to be removable.Opt for a model with hidden resistance. Tartar deposits are particularly difficult to dislodge in the nooks and crannies of resistance…Opening the lid is also important for easy access to the interior of the tank. Opening at 90 degrees will greatly simplify maintenance of the device.

Material and design
In addition to the shape of the kettle, it largely takes its design from the material in which it was made. Plastic is better known for its practicality than for its aesthetics. This material does not break easily and is mainly seduced by this attribute. The same goes for stainless steel, which is also very solid. It also has contemporary notes in terms of design. If you have an industrial style kitchen, stainless steel kettles are highly recommended. The glass kettle is very aesthetic. Brilliant and ultra-design, it allows you to see the water simmer. Its main disadvantage: its fragility, even if you choose a model designed in a very high quality glass.


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