The trend of creating memories has transformed from reel to digital solutions. With the introduction of smartphone, everything has shifted to pro-level and you can better save your data and files on the laptop. There are several types of smartphone brands you can see all around, all phone models allow you to save your memories in the laptop and it will never make you feel down by its selection. If you have an iPhone and you are willing to save your videos and images on the iPhone, we will discuss with you the smart solutions through following which you can better save your videos and images in the Mac PC. It will also remove the question from your mind that How to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac.

Make sure to follow these steps carefully because Apple has different options to complete the whole process respectively. After knowing these quality steps, you can easily transfer videos, slo-mo videos in the Mac PC easily. The whole process will get completed without downloading the iTunes sync solution. The respective solution is quite faster than using iTunes connectivity. You need to download MacX Media Trans which is 5x time faster than iTunes.

How to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac?

  1. The first and the most important step are to connect your iPhone with the Mac PC through USB cable. Disable iTunes auto-sync option on the prompted window respectively. It is all due to saving your data from erasing because when you will use iTunes, there will be many chances to lost data. The respective solution which we are discussing is quite faster than iTunes transfer.
  2. In the main interface, you will see the video button and it will open the video window.
  3. When you will select the video button option, you will see on the left side you will see all video content, recordings, and many others. Click the video type which you want to transfer in the Mac and the process will start by doing so.
  4. Here you will see the Export button option to transfer the videos in the Mac. The whole solution will get completed through a secure network and the whole process will get completed faster than any other solution.

Make sure to follow these steps completely because in this way you will be able to transfer the whole data without any hassle. It was quite a disturbing thing to transfer data and files in the Mac PC by using iTunes but now the respective option is quite safe and faster than anything. MacX Media Trans solution is 5 times faster than iTunes and it will not take much time to complete the whole process.

If you compare Apple security with Android phones, you will see that Android phones are much friendly to transfer the whole data in the system. Apple ensures you complete security towards your data and it is quite effective and useful. The respective solution will also remove How to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac question from your mind. Download MacX Media Trans in your Mac PC and start saving the memories in the Mac PC respectively.

No doubt, technology has transformed nicely and we have the finest solutions available that can give you the best option to get reliable solutions. Many people are finding the easy solutions of How to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac respectively. Now, everything has cleared and you have the best option to utilize for the following thing. Apple also provides a free 5 GB icloud storage solution to its users on creating an Apple account. You can also extend the cloud storage by purchasing from the Apple site. It is now easy to create and safe memories in the pc without any hassle and you can better share your memories on social media and other platforms as well. Make sure to follow this solution completely and it will provide you the complete solution which you are searching for respectively.


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