Buying a new smartphone is not cheap these days which makes them an expensive investment. Therefore, you have to carefully analyze all your options so that your hard-earned money does go to waste. It doesn’t matter if you buy an iPhone or a Samsung it should fulfill your requirements. Most of the manufacturers have already launched their new phone is the market for this year. Therefore, it would be the best time to buy a new one. We have selected the best mobile phone of Samsung this year and reviewed it based on screen, camera, and battery life. So, without wasting any more time let’s get into it.

Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus:

The Samsung S20 plus is the best smartphone of the year 2020 while its smaller and slightly less capable version S20 is not that much different. Investing in this smartphone offers the best value to money over any other smartphone. The S20 starts from $1,199 and the S20 starts from $999. Yes, you are right they fall in the same price bracket of pro-level iPhone. However, you will get a much better screen size, more internal storage, micro SD card support, and other options that you won’t get in its competitor.

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The most important thing these days is the screen of the smartphone and let me tell you Samsung is providing the best in the market. Some salient features of the screen are:

  • The 6.2-inch screen size of S20 and 6.7 inches for S20 plus.
  • It has a resolution of 3200×1440 which makes it FHD
  • Both the smartphones have Infinity-O AMOLED display
  • The notes are much smaller and centralized like Note 10
  • The single-lens at the front screen gives you more screen
  • 120Hz refresh rate provides a smooth gaming experience 

Battery Life:

Samsung has provided their customers with the best battery life. As most of us complain about smartphones battery life but with this phone, you don’t have to worry about it.

  • S20 has a battery size of 4,000mAh and the S20 plus has 4,500mAh battery.
  • Both the smartphones provide similar battery life and they easily last a whole day on a single charge
  • The battery life would be reduced if you are operating the screen on FHD and 120Hz refresh rate
  • The 5G connectivity would also consume more battery so like every other phone you would have to compromise on the certain thing for extended battery life


Rear camera with three lenses of 12MP + 64MP + 12MP makes provides excellent picture quality and sharpness of the image.

  • The 12MP main shooter provides fine quality images. However, 64MP telephoto is the most impressive one.
  • You get the option of 3x optical zoom with 64MP lens and with the feature of crop zoom you could even have a muddy 30x digital zoom.
  • The ultra-wide feature of the lens is very adequate to record natural scenic beauty.
  • The front camera of 10MP works great to click some fun selfies with the filters.
  • The bonus feature of the camera is that it could record an 8K 24fps video from the rear camera.
  • Latest smartphone released on March 2020
  • Good screen size with a high-quality display
  • Snapdragon 865 and 12GB rams provide excellent performance
  • 128GB/512GB built-in storage which is extendable to 1TB with an SD card is more than enough
  • 30x zoom with the rear camera and good quality front cam for selfies
  • 120Hz refresh rate provides a silky-smooth experience
  • The large screen size might make it hard to fit inside your jeans pocket
  • The price bump might be pretty aggressive
  • In screen, fingerprint is not the fastest one and you might get a bot frustrated with it

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