The Xbox series X is hands down the best console ever made. Some people might seem a bit angry with the statement but I think this article would change your mind. Unless Microsoft changes it plans and announces a ridiculously higher price. Other than that Xbox Series X offers the best value to money. Microsoft always tries its best to sustain its existing customers and if you are a part of team green you would know what I am talking about. However, the newcomers might not be aware of these compelling reasons when they are deciding to buy a new console.

Game Pass:

xbox series x game pass
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The biggest advantage Microsoft gives to the Xbox Game Pass subscribers is the instant access to every new game after the launch. This means that you don’t have to spend out $60 for Halo Infinite Forza Horizon 5. You will get the first party game with your Xbox Game Pass on the first day of the release. However, if you buy a PS5 you would have to buy every new game at full price from Sony. That is where Microsoft seems very generous to its users and you get the ultimate benefit of being a loyal customer.

Backward Compatibility:

The problem faced by every PS4 and Xbox One users was the swarm of re-releases of the games. This allowed the developers to earn more with the lack of backward- compatibility. This problem might remain persistent in Xbox series X and PS5 but let me tell you I am tired of paying extra money for just better graphics of a game I already own.

However, Microsoft understands our concerns and they have launched a backward compatibility program. So, that you do not feel like game developers are focused to squeeze every last dime from your pocket. Xbox series X would not support every Xbox 360 game but you could probably update the new games after the launch. Microsoft has given the hint to the customers on how they could improve the gaming experience by increasing the frame rate and resolution of the old titles.

On the other hand, with Sony, we do not see any option of backward compatibility. We are sure that the PS4 games would work on PS5 but the PS2 games would not have any compatibility unless there is a digital re-release.

Using Existing Accessories:

Being a console lower you might have spent a sizeable amount on Xbox elite wireless controllers. Therefore, you would not like to reinvest in them. So, let me tell you all the accessories of Xbox One would work perfectly with Xbox Series X. You would enjoy the ultimate experience of gaming with your most accustomed Xbox controller. However, buying a slightly refined one is always your choice.

The PS5 dual sense controller also has pretty similar features to the dual shock 4. But Sony has still not confirmed whether you would be able to use the PS4 controller with PS5 or not.

Xbox Play Anywhere:

The Xbox play anywhere is not something new but the value it provides has been overlooked. This feature allows you to play your favorite game on an Xbox and a PC. Moreover, your progress in the game would be stored so that you could carry on playing on the console. So, owning an Xbox game does save money as you do not have to buy the same game for PC. You might be thinking that I do not have a PC and I love my console. But getting something for free is not a bad thing.  

Project XCloud:

xbox series x project xcloud

The game-changing Project XCloud from Microsoft is creating the new hype in the gaming industry. Moreover, Microsoft has promised to combine it with the Xbox Game Pass. Right now, we don’t have any idea whether it would affect the game pass subscription price or not but it would be nice to enjoy all the Xbox games through the power of the cloud.

Sony did not lack behind in providing the cloud gaming services to their customers. However, they faced a lot of criticism with the steep prices and the shaky overall experience of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is still not ready to be launched in the market but I suppose Microsoft is aware of it. Therefore, I am expecting much better results from them.   


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