Photography is becoming more and more popular these days mainly because of social media. Now everyone wants to take good quality pictures and videos so they can post them on social media. Some people are making a lot of money from vlogging and blogging. Thus, a lot of Companies are making professional cameras for blogging and vlogging. The Smartphone industry is taking away a great share of the market from these companies. Smartphones are equipped with powerful cameras which can compete with some low-end cameras so people are just buying Smartphones instead of buying a camera for a couple thousand dollars. Still, the pictures you take from a Smartphone are restricted to a preset value or quality whereas buying a camera doesn’t restrict you. You can buy different lenses and camera mods to increase your quality. Also, if you buy an expensive camera it will perform great even after a couple of years but a Smartphone camera is not powerful enough to take great photos after a couple of years. Here is a guide of the best camera brands as of 2020

I will start by mentioning the biggest and well-known camera brands that are Canon, Nikon and Sony. Canon and Nikon have dominated the market for a very long time but in recent years Sony has risen to become the main competitor and the best camera brand in the mirrorless market. Then comes Fujifilm, Panasonic, Leica and Kodak.

1. Canon:

Canon is considered to be the best camera brand and is the current leader in the camera industry. Mainly known for their high quality DSLRs. Canon was founded in 1937 and has achieved a number of milestones in the 20th century. The market has shrunk by great number but still, Canon has maintained their lead by providing the greatest number of products in the market. They also produce all the sensors and accessories by themselves. For many years Nikon has been Canons main competitor but Sony has risen to be another contender in the business. Sony has been the king of mirrorless cameras and this is a place where Canon is lagging.

2. Nikon:

For many decades Nikon has been the main competitor of Canon. Canon has remained on the top spot but Nikon is older than Canon and was founded in 1917. Currently, Nikon’s lineup includes some of the best DSLRs in the market and three powerful mirrorless cameras. Nikon is the most vaunted company in imaging but is struggling to keep up with Sony in the overall sales and the mirrorless market.

3. Sony:

Sony was founded in 1946 but manufactured its first camera in 1988. In 2006 Sony obtained Konica Minoltas camera division and this is when their camera business started booming up. And now Sony has become the largest digital sensor manufactures in the world and also dominating the market by producing 70% of Smartphone camera sensors in the world. The only place where Sony lacks expertise is ergonomics. Their cameras have small bodies and are equipped with small grips which are difficult to handle.

4. Fujifilm:

Fujifilm is the fourth largest camera company in the digital world. FujiFilm like its other competitors has a long history and was founded in 1934. Canon, Nikon and, Sony are known for focusing on power and profitability but Fujifilm is known for launching unusual products and their uncommon way of doing business. Fujifilm produces retro- style cameras while still assuring that they pack high quality digital sensors. This camera brand also offers firmware updates even after a couple of years after release which is pretty unusual in today’s world.

5. Panasonic:

Panasonic started as an electrical company in 1918 and afterward  went on to produce Lumix cameras. Leica and Panasonic teamed up to produce full frame mirrorless lenses. Panasonic is also a famous brand among videographers.

6. Leica:

This camera brand was founded in 1869 and was a great player in the film world. Moving into the digital world has been a bit difficult for Leica. In 2018 Leica, Panasonic and Sigma teamed up to produce L-mount lenses which can be used on both Panasonic and Leica camera bodies. Leica is struggling to cope up with the modern world.

7. Kodak:

Kodak is a very famous camera brand and is known for film photography. Color film photography was invented by Kodak and this is the reason Kodak has dominated the Film photography business for much of the 20th century. Kodak was the company that invented digital photography but was unable to stay in for the digital explosion. So Kodak had to sell most of their company’s shares. Kodak still exists but doesn’t produce any camera equipment. You can still find Kodak cameras on ebay and other stores.


After reading the article you might have gotten the idea of the top camera brands in the world right now. Now you can easily pick up the best camera brand for yourself.

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