The advancement in technology is truly making our lives easier and with the smart security system, we feel more secure than ever. However, the smart home security system provokes an interesting debate about whether our house secure with it or not. The main purpose of installing a smart security system is to protect your loved ones from any threat. Unfortunately, these smart systems’ cyber security is a perplex issue. Whatever technology involves data it needs protection and recently we have seen a lot of cyber-attacks. Therefore, you have to improve your smart home security, but before getting into that let’s discuss why you should?

What Are the Security Issues?

security issues
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There is not much difference between computer hacking and attacks on smart home devices. If all the devices inside your house are connected with a WIFI network then your data could be easily leaked. Could you possibly imagine what would happen if someone obtains your WIFI credentials?

They could take full control of the surveillance cameras and shut them down with convenience.

Moreover, they get access to the home devices such as a smart thermostat. That would give them crucial information to burgle your house when you are not at home.

Therefore, I would recommend you to follow the tips given ahead to tighten up your house security.

Tips to Improve Security:

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There are a lot of ways to enhance your cyber security and mostly everything is done to improve your network security protocols. However, if you follow the seven tips given ahead, I would say you are more than secure from cyber-attacks.

  • Replace your router
  • Setup Guest WIFI network
  • Change default passwords of all your new devices
  • Fully secured network
  • Always use two-factor authentications
  • Take software updates seriously
  • Do not expose yourself to Public WIFI networks

These are the top seven ways to enhance the security of your smart home. To completely understand them lets discuss them in complete detail.

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Replace Your Router:

In the year 2018, VPNFilter malware infected almost a million routers in approximately 50 countries. That malware was so dangerous that some of the routers become inoperable. However, some of them kept working fine. That malware could compromise the security protocols of the router and possibly steal passwords and data.

Replace Your Router

Some malware detecting software even provides a free online tool to check malware in your router. However, I would recommend you to reset the router periodically as a routine. Once a week or twice a week would keep you safe and if you have an old router you should upgrade it.

Guest WIFI Network:

Some people feel bad about setting up a guest network. Well, we are living in 2020 and it is natural for the guest to expect internet access inside your house. But that doesn’t mean you should give them complete access to your settings. Moreover, if you have tech-savvy teens inside the house it is much better to not give them any kind of internet access.

You could extend this concept by creating separate network identities. One of these could be used for high-security purposes such as internet banking while. One could be dedicated to home security systems. Similarly, you could use a network or SSID for regular internet browsing. In this way, you would reduce the risk of a potential security breach.

Change Default Passwords:

Change Default Passwords

Let me ask you a question what is the first thing to do after setting up an IoT device in your house?

changing the default passwords is what you should do.

It is very common among people to leave the default password settings in place. Your home security cameras could easily be hacked through these default passwords. There was a cyberattack on the CCTV cameras which happened just because people never changed the default passwords and login IDs. Moreover, you would be tempted to use a password that is easy to remember such as date of birth, common words, and numbers. Do not do that, take the help of a password manager, and always set up super-strong passwords.

Fully Secured Network:

To make your home network completely secured you have to enhance the security of the network with the use of WPA2 protocol. WEP is the most commonly used security protocol but that is weaker and more vulnerable to cyber attracts.

Two-Factor Authentications:

I understand that two-factor authentications are frustrating but it improves your cyber security. When you have it in place you would use username and password to make a login. But the second security protocol would generate a 6-digit code. You would receive that code on your smartphone through the cellular network. So, the cyber attackers might have your user name and password but they would never get the 6-digit security code. If you are logging in to your account through your smartphone then you won’t even have to type in the code it would automatically allow you to log in.

Keep Software Updated:

Software Update

If you have a habit of ignoring software updates then you should reconsider what you are doing. Most of the smart devices’ software updates are a way to improve security protocols and remove any possible bug in the system.

The ideal way to deal with these updates is to leave them auto so that whoever there is an update it would be done automatically. But sometimes gadgets require your attention and auto-updates are not an option.

Never Use Public WIFI Networks:

Everyone is tempted to use free WIFI on their smartphone to check their social media updates. But these open public networks very insecure and you could get malware in your device through them. you could use a VPN to enhance your security but the best way is to avoid using these networks.

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