HiBed, a Smart Bed that can transform your sleep experiences we all know how we live depends on technology every day.

Here, I will introduce a smart bed that helps you provide a good sleeping experience.

HiBed Smart Bed is a new concept in Italy that can help you sleep better and be more productive.

Hi-interior introduces the HiBed Smart Bed.

where you can enjoy a whole new concept of life like a sci-fi Hollywood film and that it offers you all the comfort.

This bed awaits the future for its unique design and technology that makes your life better.

This is a futuristic bed design by the Italian architect and architect Fabio Vinella.

She gave HiBed a fashionable and futuristic look that always wants you to stay in bed all day.

Features of this smart bed

1. If you like watching Netflix or Movie in bed then this bed of the future gives you a better experience of watching your movie and web series with the help of a 4k Hd projector with a built-in speaker. Now, you don’t need to sit in front of the big screen of your favourite web series.

2. HiBed smart bed to give you privacy blinds And the best thing is that these private oils are automatic, you do not need to use it manually.

3. As we all know that smart lighting is high when we talk about futuristic Interior or most of the Interior designer always suggests going through the smart lighting feature why these smart beds stay behind.

You can find it in the future bed of the automatic lighting system as well as under the bed that can be used while you sleep.

4. This amazingly comfy bed gives you the option of waking up naturally with the help of light, and this method is very interesting to greet your day in contrast to the bad alarms.

5. The smart bed provides the path with the help of a light sensor, for example at night you get up from your bedside to then lighting will on automatically.

6. If you are a book lover and always love reading a book then this is a smart and the only hopeful bed to give you a red light.

It gives you a better lighting experience than the lamp next to the bed. This futuristic bed offers you a reclining work station that is capped according to appropriate anthropometry. This activity is a great solution for those people who are in bed and still want to work on the mind.

7. This bed of luxury and luxury offers you with a flexible head and footrest that helps you sleep, watch your favourite web series and work comfortably.

8. If you are a music lover then, this amazingly comfortable bed gives you an invisible speaker with organized music while you try to sleep.

9. This smart bed is able to track your sleeping patterns and can measure your body weight.

10. When talking about the environment of the room as well, this bed can also check the room temperature, humidity, air quality and sound level.

11. This is a bedside helper and the good thing is that Smart in bed can work offline too.

12. This Smart Bed can be customized depending on your interior theme and the colours used on your wall.

13. This Smart and Future bed can work with the touch of a board at the end of the bed and can connect this future bed with many web control applications. and the best part is that if you have an apple watch then it can support this HiBed.

14. This HiBed is pre-ordered on the top interior website even though the original price for the early birds is 18,000 EUR or INR 14,00,000 approx.


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